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Am I in the delivery zone ?

We currently deliver locally using our own drivers to all LE postcodes, Daventry, Solihull, Birmingham, Coventry, Leamington Spa, Rugby, Tamworth & parts Warwickshire.

If your postcode doesn’t fall in the purple area of our map, we also do out of area deliveries for a shipping rate of £3*. These boxes are delivered by Yodel & come with a two hour delivery slot and online tracking, where you can update your safe space if you aren’t in.

Check out our Delivery Area page to check your delivery day!

*Delivery charge is priced at £3 per subscription schedule

When will I receive my first delivery?

When you sign up you will receive an email explaining what day to expect your delivery. Depending on when you sign up your delivery will be due that week or in a week’s time.

Take a look at the ‘How renewals work’ guide for more information on this.

A good guide is that, if payment is taken a checkout, you will get a delivery that week. If no payment is taken, it will be processed on Friday for delivery the following week.

What if I need to skip a delivery?

Please click the ‘Skip next renewal payment’ button on your active subscription. This will skip to your next payment date following your current schedule. This must be done by Thursday evening before payment is taken on Friday morning or your order will be processed.

If you need to skip to a delivery date not on your schedule, please get in touch at [email protected]

If you need to skip this weeks delivery after your payment has been processed on the Friday, please email us as your cancellation won’t go through until the following week.

The ‘How Renewals Works‘ guide shows when payments will be made for which weeks.

How do deliveries work? When will I receive my box?

We will allocate a weekly delivery day for your area and email you once you’ve placed your order. You don’t need to be in to receive your order, just let us know the best place to leave it and it’ll be waiting for you when you’re back. Our drivers will also collect last week’s box so it can be recycled and we can reduce our environmental impact. Please leave your box out for our drivers if you’re not in.

If you aren’t local to us and pay a ‘shipping rate’ your parcel will be delivered by Yodel. Please provide a mobile number when placing your order and you will receive a two hour delivery window the morning of your delivery. On this message you will be able to track your delivery and request a safe place to leave your order if you aren’t in.

You can find out more about when you will receive your box by reading the ‘How renewals work’ guide.

You can check out the Delivery Area page for more information on your delivery day.


Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, it is a weekly recurring subscription. You can cancel anytime you like, just make sure you cancel before your next Friday renewal date. Any cancellations made after your payment date will not take effect until the next week. If you need to cancel after a payment has already been made, please email us.

All accounts renew on Friday to receive their goods for the following week. Simply log in to your account and click the ‘subscriptions’ tab. From there you can ‘suspend’ your deliveries which will stop any future deliveries.

If you need any further support, please email [email protected]

How do we return the boxes?

If you are part of our Local Deliveries, and don’t pay a shipping rate, please leave them out for us or hand them back to your driver! If it’s going to be wet, could you please leave them somewhere dry or covered so we can continue to reuse our boxes!

Unfortunately, we cannot collect our boxes back from our Yodel deliveries. Please reuse or recycle them.

What payment methods do you accept?
We are currently only able to accept payments through credit or debit card
Why am I getting a card declined message when I try to checkout?
There are several reasons you could be getting a card declined message. The most common is that there has been a mistake when entering your details. Make sure that your CVC code is correct, this should be the last three digits on the reverse of your card. 
Which charities do you work with?

We work with several Charities and we do try to vary who we offer our stock to. Our aim is to provide 10-15% of our produce to local charities and food banks in Leicestershire. These are charities that are able to provide hot meals or food boxes to those in need.

We also deliver fruit & vegetables weekly to Ronald McDonald house in Birmingham, to help the families of children in the care of the hospital.

Where do the vegetables come from?
We operate with a clear order of priority for our suppliers. Our criteria for our suppliers has to be balanced with wanting to offer enough variety and consistency for our customers. Where possible the entire box will be supplied from UK Local farms with seasonal produce. We will often have to source from UK farms not local to ourselves and occasionally offer some produce that has been shipped/flown in internationally. We aim to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible and so we will always want to offer the most environmentally sustainable box possible.
Is the produce fresh?
As fresh as we can possibly get it! Operating as a weekly delivery means we can have the shortest possible lead time between collecting the vegetables from their farms to delivering to your door.
Is the produce organic?
Some of your box contents will be organic, but we don’t yet do completely organic boxes. Our main priority right now is to reduce waste as that comes from all types of vegetable production.

Please note: *Delivery charge is priced at £3 per subscription schedule for our Yodel customers

Do we deliver to your area?